London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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We share and build on our collective expertise through research grants, seminars and world-wide collaborations. With over 120 members of the TB Centre, we are global leaders in areas including:

– clinical trial design
– epidemiology
– tracing transmission with molecular tools
– host-pathogen interactions
– new diagnostics development/implementation
– mathematical modelling
– health economics
– health systems research

TB is the leading cause of death from a single infectious agent globally, but often dismissed as a disease of poverty. To end TB we need new tools: new drugs, new tests and a better vaccine. Equally important are effective systems to deliver TB prevention and care. On the right are examples of our work on systems of care delivery.

The TB Centre coordinates and conducts high quality research, with the aim to generate knowledge, transfer research into policy and practice, and have real impact to reduce the global burden of TB disease. Our research in clinical trials helps us develop implementation and modelling methods, and also assess our work’s impact.

Through multi-disciplinary research groups, we are tackling TB from the bench to the bedside.

For more information on where the Centre works, our funders, collaborators, and different research disciplines, please visit our website or download our brochure.